The Giro d’Italia started on Saturday, and as is usual now, SBS is covering it. However, since the Giro is not as popular as the Tour, they’re not doing live coverage of every stage, instead providing a 15min stage summary in the morning (Sydney time - so a couple of hours after the stage finished in Italy), and a longer, half hour summary in the evening.

However, Tom mentioned in an email last week that he has bought himself a SlingBox and rigged it up to his Sky TV setup box back in Ireland. He provided me with the details to log into it and try it out, whereupon I discovered that he has Eurosport, and, as it turns out, Eurosport cover most of the cycling season.

So now, I can log into Tom’s set-top box in Ireland, get it to record the Giro stages live, and then log in when I get up in the morning and watch the day’s stage! Pretty cool. It works well, and the video quality is pretty good. Isn’t technology wonderful :)