Third de France - Stage 3

Pros: Binche to Épernay, 215km, Hilly

Me: 72km PZ1, 3x5m SST

Nothing exciting. Long hilly day for the pros, long ride for me too. Pace was fine, though the intervals at the end felt harder than they should have. Heart rate was definitely higher, so whether I was doing them too hard, or it was due to a bit of dehydration or fatigue, I’m not sure. I think I’ll do them at the start of the ride in future so I can get a better idea.

One thought that crossed my mind while out on the road was that I’ve been aiming to do one third the distance of the pros, but I figured it would be interesting to compare how that actually translates into work done. I follow Mike Woods on Strava, who rides for EF Education First and finished with the main bunch last night. He publishes his power data unlike a lot of the pros and here’s his ride from yesterday

The stage took him 4h54, burning 3,400 calories and a training stress score of 206. My ride took me 2h55, burning 1500 calories with a training stress score of 139, so it appears that while I’m only doing one third of the distance I’m getting two thirds of the training stress. This is going to hurt!

Weight: 93.3kg - CTL: 32.8 - TSB: 12.4