Third de France - Stage 1

Pros: Bruxelles to Brussel, 194.5km, Flat

Me: 65km Z1, 5m SST

A bit of a cockup yesterday watching the rain radar! I could see a bunch of rain on the way so kept postponing going out. Turns out the rain was moving much slower that I realised and by the time I figured that out there wasn’t enough time to go out before the rain and also not enough time to go out after the rain and before nightfall. So, onto the indoor trainer 😕

With no distance measured on the trainer I had to adjust the plan. The actual stage took 4:20 for the pros, so a third of that was 1:25 or so, and 65km on flat roads would take me about 2:00 so I opted to split the difference and ride 1:45 while watching a repeat of last night’s stage.

All went well, if still a bit boring. I don’t really ride that much on the trainer, so it still is a harder workout than the equivalent on the road - no traffic lights, no downhills, just constant pedalling - and I was pretty tired later in the evening. Early to bed!

Weight: 93.5kg CTL: 30.1

Third de France is underway, as is the longer term Fat Bastard Project 😆