Third de France - Stage 15

Pros: Millau to Carcassonne, 181.5km, Hilly

Me: 60km Z2, 5/10/15m SST, 5m RI

Well that’s the second week over with and not a day too soon. Despite a bit over 9 hours sleep last night, I still woke up tired. The first 100m from my house are slightly uphill, maybe 2% gradient, which is enough to feel the pain in the legs as they get going for the ride. I wonder what the cause of that is? Am I re-tearing damaged muscle fibres or something? It can’t be lactic as there hasn’t been a chance for any to build up.

Anyway, legs were OK once they’d warmed up. The SST intervals were fine, though the final 15m effort was a little bit tiring. Once that was out of the way I’d 30km still to ride and that was a bit of a struggle. My legs were OK, it was just overall fatigue wearing me down.

Totals at the end of Week 2: 24h27m, 642km, 1364 TSS

Not massive totals really. If I was fit that would be a decent, but not extraordinary, two weeks’ training. However, trying to do the same work from a low fitness base it takes its toll!

Rest day tomorrow!