Third de France - Stage 14

Pros: 188km, Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux to Mende, Hills

Me: 63km Z2, 10/5/10m SST, 5m RI

Tired today, but the SST intervals felt OK. They were shorter than earlier in the week which helps. However, my HR was quite a bit lower than when I first did them a few days ago. Looking back over the week, each day I’ve done SST intervals my HR has been lower. Not sure whether that’s due to cumulative fatigue, or my body ‘remembering’ how to do SST again. After all, in March I could do a straight 1hr @ 280W, whereas now I’m doing up to a total 1:10 @ 255W broken up into 4 parts. Only one more day until a rest day. Woo hoo!

Totals for the week: 13h 03m, 351km, 768 TSS.