New Home

So, my web host, TextDrive, have been undergoing a bit of a re-organisation as they’ve morphed into Joyent over the last few months. As part of the morph, they’ve been telling us for ages that we’d be moving from the FreeBSD-based boxes onto shiny new Solaris Accelerators.

Well, on Friday, I got my golden ticket so here’s the details on my new home… I’m sharing a Sun Fire x4100 and 4GB of RAM with only 30 other people! 10Gb of disk space, up to 50 databases and up to 50 domains! I’ve spent the last 24 hours moving my various sites onto the new box and it’s been painless. And the great thing is… it’s screaming along. WAY faster than the old FreeBSD box. Another bonus is that if the shit hits the fan and the machine does crash, it only takes a minute or two to bring back up, rather than the hour waiting for fsck to run on the FreeBSD box. Sweet.

Anyway, it’s all good. Enjoy the speed boost ;-)