Bike Ride!

Went for my first bike ride in weeks yesterday. Probably should have waited a couple of more days, but the forecast wasn’t great and the weather was perfect, so figured what the hell.

Did 30 minutes nice and easy, though got my HR up quite a bit higher than intended on all of the small rises around the place, culminating in 160+ atop the small rise to my house. That’s quite a bit more intensity than I wanted right now.

Woke up this morning and HRV took another dive, so probably not ideal, though work’s a bit hectic at the moment which doesn’t help either.

I took the eBike out instead for a longer ride today. I can cruise along on the flats doing a little work at 100-110bpm which is perfect, and then bump up the assistance on any climb to prevent HR spikes. That went well, so I think I’ll do a bit more of that as a more gentle introduction to exercise again.


Feeling almost OK now, so opted to do some v. basic bodyweight exercise this afternoon, after going for a short walk. Will see how I feel tomorrow.

Would be nice to be able to get outside on the bike again this weekend 🤞🏻


Went for a 40min walk this morning, then later took the e-bike out to do groceries, then came home and mowed the front lawn (15mins). Tired now!

Definitely still feeling the effects and notice the congestion in my chest, even though I’m not doing much and everything I did do was at pretty low intensity.

I guess it’s still only 2 weeks since I tested positive, but I’m impatient to start doing some exercise again. Looks like another week of only walks ahead though.


Feels like a bit of a setback today. Head congestion has cleared up over the last couple of days, but congestion is going deeper into my chest.

Woke up this morning and my HRV scores were in the toilet again, dropping to 15, which is tied for lowest ever score with the day I actually got Covid. For reference, “normal” for me is in the 70-80 range and if I woke up one morning with a score under 40 then that would be a day I’d skip any training I had planned.

Covid HRV

Over the last week, scores have been improving into the high-40s and I’ve slowly been feeling better. Yesterday I was even thinking I’d try a short bike ride this weekend. Today, not so much. A few more really easy days on the cards yet.

Covid, Day 10

Slowly getting better, but still a bit congested.

After doing two walks on Monday without issue, I took the e-bike out yesterday morning for a 10km ride visa the coffee shop. Felt good this morning, so no issues as a result of that either.

I’ll still stick to the plan of no proper exercise this week, though might do a normal bike ride at the weekend if improvement continues.